First Congregational Church of Falmouth, MA
of the United Church of Christ

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Useful Links

This page contains a "mini catalog" of useful links for Church members and others.  We have focused here on providing useful information to our users on church-related sites and as the United Church of Christ national and state sites, as well as general community and area resources.  Links change from time to time.  Please report broken links to Webmaster.

UCC: United Church of Christ  |  Massachusetts Conference  |  UCC Barnstable Association  |  UCC Global Disaster Responses 

CHRISTIAN SITES worthy of note:  National Association of Congregational Christian Churches---ChristSites 
(a portal)--- 
Christianity Today (magazine)

COMMUNITY SERVICES: (Overview of Community Support Services - note that many of the links in this section will take you away from the FCC site- use the BACK key in your browser to return to our site)

Habitat for Humanity  |   Heifer Project-Falmouth Service Center  |  Samaritans   |  Elder Services of Cape Cod & the Islands (click on service)  |  Intergenerations  |  Barnstable Council on Aging (click on departments) | Bourne Council on Aging  |  Mashpee Council on Aging  |  Falmouth Council on Aging (click on departments)  |  Falmouth Human Services 

Alcoholic Services: Alcoholics Anonymous  Gosnold on Cape Cod  Intergenerations (click on elder resources) 

Alzheimer’s Resources:  Alzheimer's Association  Alzheimer’s Services of Cape Cod & the Islands  Intergenerations (click on elder resources) 

Caregivers Resources:  Intergenerations  VNA  also see Home Healthcare 

Counseling:  Child & Family Services of Cape Cod (click on programs)  Gosnold on Cape Cod  VNA (click on services) 

Dialysis Centers:  Intergenerations (click on community care) 

Food Pantries:  Falmouth Service Center 

Foster Care (Adult):  Intergeneratons (click on community care)  VNA  

Fuel Assistance:  Falmouth Human Services  Citizens Energy Corp 

Health Care:  Intergenerations 

Home Healthcare:  VNA (click on services)  Elder Services of Cape Cod  Intergenerations (click on community care)  Griswold Special Care  Falmouth Human Services   Also check the phone book for home health aids 

Homeowner Services: Housing Assistance Corp  (click on emergency and home repair) 

Hospice: VNA  Hospice & Palliative Care of Cape Cod  Epoch Hospice Care   Intergenerations (click on community care)  

Legal Services: Intergenerations   

Meals: Elder Services of Cape Cod  Falmouth Service Center  Falmouth Human Services  Also see food pantries.  For FCC meals program contact Elizabeth Welch 

Medical Care: Cape Cod Healthcare (click on all services) 

Medical Home Supplies: Falmouth Service Center  Cape Medical Supplies  Foley Medical Supply 

Nursing Homes/Assisted Living/Rest Homes: Intergenerations 

Rehabilitation: Cape Cod Healthcare   Falmouth Physical Therapy  

Support Groups: VNA  Intergenerations  Falmouth Council on Aging  Cape Cod Healthcare  

Transportation: Cape Cod Regional Transit 

AROUND TOWN: Town of Falmouth |  Falmouth Chamber of Commerce  |  Cape Cod Times  |  Falmouth Public Schools  |  Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute  |  Falmouth Historical Society  |  Falmouth Fire and Rescue Department  |  Falmouth Police Department  |  Cape links  |  Falmouth Genealogy Society