First Congregational Church of Falmouth, MA
of the United Church of Christ

68 Main Street, Falmouth, MA 02540 | Sunday Morning Worship 10:00 AM

Folk Group

 Horizons Folk Group

Founded in 2010, the Horizons folk Group provides folk music for several worship services throughout the year.  The group consists of many talented singers and musicians on guitar and percussion instruments. Horizons Sunday worship services are enthusiastically anticipated by parishioners and always well-attended. 

While Horizons does provide music at worship for the congregation approximately once a quarter it is a private group and any information regarding upcoming appearances or auditions can be obtained by contacting Ben Carnevale by phone at 508.548.0480 or by e-mail at or Joanne Blum-Carnevale at 508.548.0480 or by e-mail at .


The following is an original song written and performed by Ben Carnevale during a Horizons Sunday
service. We thought you might enjoy reading the lyrics as they were quite meaningful to many of us in the congregation:

by Ben Carnevale
© December 17, 1998  

1. Thank you Lord for helping me;
choose the road that set me free; 
and to follow you when my candle lost its light. 
And thank you, Lord for giving me; 
the gift of life and op-por-tun-ity; 
to use my faith to guide me through the night. 

2. You told me, Lord I should understand;
when things I do gets out of hand; 
that you'll always be here standing by my side. 
And you taught me, Lord how to tolerate; 
my problems when they became too great; 
you said, 'Let them go, relax, enjoy the ride.' 

3. I never meant to hesitate; 
and now I hope Lord it's not too late; 
to thank you for the life you've given me.
'Cause I've enjoyed so many things; 
like the freedom that this country brings; 
to live and work and pray in a land that's free. 

4. Thank you, Lord for everything;
my home, my wife, my family; 
oh, thank you, Lord for all you gave to me. 
And thank you, Lord for all you've done; 
like the oceans, the mountains, the moon, and the sun; 
and the chance to live in peace and harmony.

5. Thank you, Lord I've enjoyed my stay;
but time is up so I'll be on my way; 
to the better place you've always promised me. 
I'll miss the good life that I've known; 
I won't need to pack when I leave my home; 
and move to heaven for eternity.