First Congregational Church of Falmouth, MA
of the United Church of Christ

68 Main Street, Falmouth, MA 02540 | Sunday Morning Worship 10:00 AM


Students in Grade 9 (and above) are invited to attend weekly confirmation classes held during the 10:00 AM Sunday morning worship hour. Class is led by Matt Keeling.

Confirmation class is unlike any other class you will take in school.  In many ways, the point of this class is not to get the “right” answers, but instead to ask the “right” questions.  Although we will cover lots of information about what it means to be a Christian and the specifics about the UCC/Congregational Church, the main objective of this class is to facilitate a spiritual journey in which you will be encouraged to ask questions like:

Who am I?
What do I believe?
What do I have doubts about?
How does my faith impact me and how I lead my life?

Of course this journey will not be over at the end of confirmation class; the answers to questions such as these will change as your life unfolds.  However, you will be faced with two specific questions when confirmation concludes this spring: (1) Do you want to become an adult member of our church? and (2) Are you comfortable with the UCC statement of faith?  The answers to these questions are completely up to you, and if the answer to either of these questions is “no”, then it does not mean that you “failed” confirmation class.  The church will always welcome you whenever you are ready.

Some highlights of the class will include:

Curriculum (books provided by the Deacons)
My Confirmation, United Church Press, 1994
Words for the Journey, Copenhaver and Robinson, Pilgrim Press, 2003

Service projects
Heifer International, others TBA

Each confirmand will serve as Lay Reader at least once
Confirmands are expected to commit the 23rd Psalm to memory

Overnight trip to Heifer International’s Overlook Farms 
UCC Overnight at the Craigville Conference Center 

Statement of faith
To be composed in the spring term and presented at Confirmation Sunday

Each confirmand will have a mentor of their choosing. Mentors are expected to have regular contact with their confirmand to nurture their confirmation experience. Such contact can take any number of forms, from a simple phone call to a face-to-face meeting. Mentors are not expected to attend confirmation class on a regular basis.