First Congregational Church of Falmouth, MA
of the United Church of Christ

68 Main Street, Falmouth, MA 02540 | Sunday Morning Worship 10:00 AM



The Sacrament of Baptism
is offered for persons of all ages who have not been baptized before in the Christian faith.  All Baptisms are done using the traditional Trinitarian form, "in the name of the Father, of the Son, and the Holy Spirit," so they are accepted by the broadest scope of the Christian churches. 

In having their children baptized, parents/guardians are vowing to raise their children in the Christian faith and to involve them in a church family as they grow up.  Our Church does not require parents/guardians to be members of our Church or of any Christian church before they can present their children for baptism in our church; we consider Baptism an "open door" to the faith for families. However, we do encourage the parents/guardians of children baptized in our Church to become, if they aren't already, members of our Church or of another church where they reside, if they reside outside our community.  Also, there is no requirement that a parent/guardian presenting a child for Baptism be married.

Baptismal services are traditionally held as a part of our Sunday Worship services in the presence of our community of faith. Under certain circumstances, a Baptism may be held in a private ceremony; however, we strongly encourage Baptism to be held in the presence of the congregation during Worship.  

Baptisms are scheduled as needed, at the mutual convenience of the family and the Church.

From time to time, special baptismal services are scheduled for older children and adults.  

There is a special provision, perhaps unique to our church, that is available to those in mixed Protestant/Roman Catholic marriages.  When infants of such parents are baptized in a Roman Catholic church, they may subsequently be brought to our church for an Ecumenical Reaffirmation of Infant Baptismal Vows in which their parents, in the midst of our congregation, reaffirm their vows to raise their children in the Christian faith.  This is not re-baptism and no water is used.  It is an expression of the parents' intention to raise their children respecting both the Roman Catholic and Protestant religious traditions.